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16 October 2015
 October 16, 2015

SEOLS Briefly Volume III, Issue 1

“Mommy, Mommy, our electric is on. It’s really on, Mommy!!!!?” Hearing her kids’ joy, the single mother began to cry and “felt like all […]

9 October 2014
 October 9, 2014

SEOLS Briefly Volume II, Issue 2

SEOLS can’t help everyone; who should be helped? The single mother calling about her landlord not making needed repairs, or the disabled father who […]

26 March 2014
 March 26, 2014

SEOLS Briefly Volume II, Issue 1

• In Frazeysburg, Ohio, a father with multiple DUI and drug convictions refuses to return his baby to its mother after visitation. • Another […]

4 October 2013
 October 4, 2013

SEOLS Briefly Volume I, Issue 4

What will it be like, if legal aid disappears? Who will they call? The elderly veteran in Belpre living on SSI threatened with jail […]

17 June 2013
 June 17, 2013

Smith Case

From an interview with Thomas and Aline Smith of Kitts Hill, Ohio whose home was saved from foreclosure through the efforts of Mark Cardosi […]

15 May 2013
 May 15, 2013

SEOLS Briefly Volume I, Issue 3

Carved above the doors to the U.S. Supreme Court are the words “EQUAL JUSTICE UNDER THE LAW.” This commitment to equal justice is echoed […]

6 February 2013
 February 6, 2013

SEOLS Briefly Volume 1, Issue 2

Poor families in our community are often one setback away from disaster.  A blown head gasket with no money to fix can lead to […]

15 October 2012
 October 15, 2012

SEOLS Briefly Volume I, Issue 1

“Please help me.” A simple request from a man, living alone after the death of his parents who cared for him for years. Our […]

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