What is Food Assistance?


Low income working families and people may be eligible for Food Assistance, a program formerly known as Food Stamps.

Am I eligible for Food Assistance?

While Food Assistance is designed to assist low income families, you may be surprised at how generous the guidelines for the program can be. For example, a family of four may be eligible for food assistance up to an income of $22,000 a year. The amount you will receive depends entirely upon your family size and income.

Why should I apply for Food Assistance?

Receiving Food Assistance is like giving your household a raise.

Food Assistance can improve the quality of your life by making you and your family healthier.

Food Assistance can help improve your local economy: Studies show that for every Food Assistance dollar spent in a county, approximately three dollars are generated in the local economy.

How can I apply for Food Assistance?

If you think you or your family may be eligible, you will need to submit a written application to your local Department of Job and Family Services. You can download the application here, or pick up a copy at DJFS.

Find your local DJFS by visiting the state wide DJFS website, or find the number in the white pages of your local phone book, under your county’s listings.

What happens when I apply for Food Assistance?

Your completed application will be reviewed, and you will receive a notice in the mail.

If your notice tells you that you have been approved, you will receive a card which looks like a credit card. This card will be linked to your benefit amount, and can be used at grocery stores and many other locations.

If your notice tells you that your application was denied, you will have the right to appeal. There are strict deadlines for your appeal, so act quickly!

If you are denied, or if you have any other dispute with a decision made by your Food Assistance caseworker, you should contact your your local legal aid office to have your situation reviewed and to get legal advice as to your options for appealing the decision. To find the office nearest you, go to our contact page.


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