Information on Visitation, Custody, Parenting Time, and Child Support

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Self-Help Brochures from SEOLS

Allowing Your Spouse to Visit Your Child

This brochure explains visitation issues with your child when you and your spouse have separated.

Change of Custody Fact Sheet

This brochure explains the court process for changing the custody of a child, including the factors the judge looks at when deciding whether custody should be changed.

How to Change or Enforce an Existing Parenting Time Order

This brochure explains the process to follow to change or enforce a current parenting time order.

Modifying Child Support Orders

This brochure explains the process for having a current child support order modified.

How Does The Court Decide Custody

This brochure explains the process the Court uses when deciding which parent will be granted custody of the minor child and what information is important to tell the court for their decision.

How To Handle Witnesses

This brochure explains what witnesses you should bring to court with you and how to ask them questions when they are testifying.

How to Present Evidence in Court

This brochure explains what evidence you can use in your hearing and how to present the evidence to the court.


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