19 November 2015
 November 19, 2015
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Area attorneys are helping out their community, giving advice without a price.

Southeastern Ohio Legal Services, and the Washington County Bar Association, are teaming up to provide free advice clinics to the Washington County area.

Attorneys say while they get funding, its not enough to cover the needs of low income people in all of their counties.

That’s where the free clinics come in.

Officials say people who cannot afford attorneys can come to these meetings with any legal problems, and they’ll do their best to help out.

“It’s a good opportunity when people aren’t able to hire an attorney, often times they need a little bit of direction,” said Robin Bozian, Southeastern Ohio Legal Services Representative. “So they can come here and speak with a private attorney, and get their questions answered, get help with filing out the form, give some direction, help them sort of strategize how to present their case.”

Meetings are held every third week of each month, from 6-8 PM at St. Luke’s Episcopal Church.


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