Ohio State Legal Services Association Employment Opportunities


Ohio State Legal Services Association (OSLSA), is a three-part legal aid program headquartered in Columbus. OSLSA’s mission is to provide civil legal aid and advocacy to combat unfairness and injustice and to help people rise out of poverty.

Current Openings:

Operations Director: OSLSA is actively seeking a professional, reliable Operations Director to support our growing team as well as serve as a reliable partner throughout our family of organizations. This is a new position created to support increased staff size and align existing functions to meet organizational needs.


About Us:


OSLSA includes Southeastern Ohio Legal Services (SEOLS), the Legal Aid Society of Columbus (LASC) and the Ohio Poverty Law Center (OPLC).   While OSLSA’s administrative office is in Columbus, SEOLS serves thirty counties through six different branch offices located throughout Southeastern Ohio.  The Legal Aid Society of Columbus serves six counties through two offices, the main office it shares with OSLSA and a branch office in Marion.  OPLC has a small staff, all based in the Columbus office.

OSLSA has a budget of about $13 million and a staff of 110, including 65 lawyers.  OSLSA, LASC and OPLC each have their own board and there are two different unions.  LASC affiliated with OSLSA in 2009 and the consolidation of the programs has gone well though there is still potential to achieve greater efficiencies and synergies.  OSLSA has several shared administrative staff and functions including finance, development, pro bono, and technology.  OSLSA enjoys a good financial position with sizeable reserves and has grants from over 60 funders.



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