3 January 2018
 January 3, 2018

SEOLS staff attorney Natasha Plumly recently provided testimony about proposed changes to Ohio’s child support law. This Cincinnati Enquirer article details issues with our current system and quotes Attorney Plumly’s analysis of it’s impact.

“In general, Ohio’s lower-income parents would pay less for child support and those making more money would pay more under the proposed changes. For example, a parent making $16,800 a year would owe about $3,000 less in child support each year, according to an analysis by Natasha Plumly, a staff attorney with Southeastern Ohio Legal Services.

At what income level does that swap occur? It’s difficult to say because of all the factors that go into how much each parent pays. However, Plumly’s analysis showed those making $40,000 owed less and those making $73,000 owed more.”

Ohio’s child support system: Everyone agrees it’s broken. But a fix has taken 25 years – and counting.

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